Micro Markets

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Why a Micro Market?

There are significant advantages of having a Micro Market over traditional vending machines. Enhance your associate’s workplace environment by providing them with an inviting space to spend their break time.

  • 1. Encourage employees to stay on-site during breaks by having an open, comfortable market environment that offers meal choices comparable to a high-end convenience store.
  • 2. Micro Markets increase participation and interaction amongst employees, thus improving office morale.
  • 3. Traditional vending machines can have “hung” products, lost money or coin jams, creating the need or employers to make continual service calls.
  • 4. Sophisticated retail promotions, wellness and loyalty programs are available to enhance the customer’s experience.
  • 5. The ability to touch items before purchasing and review the nutritional information.
  • 6. Flexible checkout and payment options make it easy for anyone in your office to make a purchase.

An In-depth Look

Technology is making possible great changes in the food and beverage vending industry. Normally, when a business wanted refreshment services for their employees a vending company would install one, two or three can beverages vending machines, a glass front vending machine, cold and/or frozen food vending machine and a coffee vending machine. Customers would usually make purchases from each individual vending machine with cash.

However, the biggest change has been the introduction of the micro market. A micro market is a self-checkout retail food establishment that replaces a bank of vending machines. In a micro market a customer picks up a product from an open rack display, a reach-in refrigerated cooler or freezer, than scans the UPC bar code for each product with their phone or at a payment kiosk. The customer pays with a single payment, credit card or stored value card.

Another unique feature of the micro market is that it operates without an employee present, just like vending machines. All micro markets are equipped with a 24 hour a day security system monitoring customers as they make their selections and checkout. Micro markets are designed to be in “closed locations” This refers to a business that has a moderately secured facility for a known group of employees where the micro market can be located in a designated area away from heavy public traffic.

Your micro market can be as simple as a beverage cooler and snack rack to fresh foods, snacks, beverages and coffee selections.

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